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Schannel Event ID 36869 ".... does not have private key information ..."

What a fun one this was to troubleshoot, thanks one again M$!

The error for me was being triggered when people tried to connect via LDAPS (not the commonly found results for HTTPS although much of the information here likely overlaps).

Here are all the articles I used for reference to solve this, I had to piece some things together and use the diagnostic info on some of them to get the full picture:


Fixing up a broken Microsoft CA (missing CA templates) after migrating to Server 2008

Had to do this one today, here's my entry so maybe I can remember it.

Firstly, the bulk of this information came from this post


Setting up Windows Deployment Services (WDM)

I set up Windows Deployment Services today to take away some of the pain of (re)installing an OS on a machine. It was amazingly easy for a M$ server service configuration!!

!!Server Setup

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