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Secret of Mana (SNES)

== Secret of Mana
* **Platform:** SNES
* **GameFAQs Link:**
* **Developer:** SquareSoft

=== Accomplishments
**Perfect Game!!** - At least by my standards
* Beat the game
* All optimal gear (mostly special gear found in final dungeon)
* Full money
* All spells learned and maxed to level 8+
* All weapons found
* All weapon orbs found
* All weapons to max level and trained to max level for each char

=== Observations
* This game was made during SquareSoft's golden age
* This game is an action-strategy masterpiece that plays similar to Zelda games but actually has 3 players
** You can switch amongst players to keep things interesting
** Different players have slightly different strengths and weaknesses with weapons and leveling as well as stats
** You can actually play multi-player!! if you have friends who play
* Each spell actually has a special animation that appears typically only when you have maxed the spell skill to 8 and leveled it somewhere into the mid 8.XX range
** These special spell animations are drastically different than the normal in several cases
** For instance: Rock Slide puts a huge smiley face on the rock that is hard to miss
** Some are more subtle, but they all have unique animations
* Notes on weapons and weapons orbs
** There are only 7 weapon orbs found during normal gameplay for both the knuckles and the ax
** There are only 8 weapon orbs in the game for the sword
*** The game considers the mana sword you cast during final fight as level 9 for sword
** All other weapons actually have 9 orbs available and have unique names/graphics for 9 levels of each