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Upgrading to Drupal 7

This site is currently in the process of being upgraded from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. This migration began in late March of 2011 and I hope to have it relatively cleaned up and looking good in about 2 weeks. ''This is why much of the content looks weird with extra punctuation and weird formatting and such.''\\

'''Some notes on the upgrade as it has impacted me for anyone who is reading....'''

# There's several aspects related to the content itself that I have to either figure out how to re-display as I wish in Drupal 7 or manually edit to get it how I wish. This account for all the '!!!'s and weird formatting on the page. For those with a technical understanding, the wiki formatting I used in Drupal 6 was not ported to Drupal 7 so I had to use another wiki formatting overlay and it's interpreting some of my mark-up's differently (or most commonly, not at all).
# There are also ongoing usability issues with the DHTML menu module not working properly so clicking through the menu as of this post is acting not as I desire.
# Finally, many of the permissions didn't successfully port so non-admin users are missing some menu options they should have. Until just now they were missing 'logout' for instance, not to mention abilities to create content and more.
# All just configuration plus modules to get in place to get working. The port itself really was pretty smooth.

'''Some other notes on what not to do...'''

I tried this a few weeks ago in a half-assed attempt not really following Drupals instructions and sure enough... it didn't work out too well.
# Do back up your database first, really it takes a few seconds from cmd line (mysqldump --all-databases > /my/out/file.sql)
## I did do this, this isn't a lesson I learned the hard way, but let me re-emphasize the importance of saving a working database before major modifications
# Do assure that your key modules have been ported to Drupal 7, I did this, but for instance, even after wikitools was listed as ported (and it is, and it's working in beta) the extensions of it pear_wikifilter module (or something like that) was not, hence I lost my ability to write in pmWiki markup, hence my need to re-write my content and re-work the SimpleWiki module to do the work instead
# Do set your theme back to the default 'Garland' theme before upgrading, not doing so causes Drupal to not know how to display anything when you upgrade
# Do disable all modules except core.... as Drupal outlines in it's steps.... doing this shouldn't prevent any content from being ported or anything, it just hides it, leaving them enabled again prevents Drupal from knowing how to display after upgrade since it's trying to use modules that don't exist or aren't possible to use
# Just follow all Drupal steps, it does work
# There are still errors coming out in the admin console about broken fields and such... (it seems to be looking for fields that used to be part of the content that don't have modules existing anymore to describe it, but that's just my theory, I think I just have to sort out module details)