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Final Fantasy VII (PS)

== Final Fantasy VII (PS) ==
* **Platform:** PS
* **GameFAQs Link:**

== Accomplishments ==
* Beat the game...
* Collected and replicated all possible materia in the same game
* Level 4 Aires Limit Break before she dies
* Master Materia of each type created and earned by beating weapons
* Beat all weapons
* Collected all mimics (look up the term)
* Gold chocobo, all the rest, level S racer, beat all races (got all materia and all unique items)
* All secret weapons
* Set records and contributed to FAQ for info on the 'freak' classification in the snowboard racing. So, in snowboard
** Freak time score in Advanced
** Freak time score in Intermediate
** Supurb (not freak =( time score in Beginner (get it i dare you, super hard)
** 100/100 balloon score in Advanced/Intermediate/Beginner

== Observations ==
* This is just one of my all time favorite games. I've beat it plenty of times and found lots of odds and ends on my quest for a 'perfect game'