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Final Fantasy IV (II US) (SNES)

== Final Fantasy IV (II US) (SNES) ==
* **Platform:** SNES & DS
* **GameFAQs Link:**

== Accomplishments ==
* Beat this game...
* All the characters obviously
* Cecil Final: Crystal, Crystal, Crystal, Crystal, Crystal (Crystal Sword named Ragnarok on DS)
* Kain Final: Drain/Holy, Dragoon, Dragoon, Dragoon, Dragoon
* Ridya Final: Dragon (Whip, named Dragon Whisker on DS), Ribbon, Power Sash, Rune Amulet
* Rosa Final: Samouri (Bow, called Yoichi on DS), Ribbon, White Robe, Rune Amulet
* Edge Final: Murasame, Masamune, Green Beret, Black Garb/Adamant (when found), Protect Ring
* Spoon throwing knife found (auto: 9999)
* All characters level 99
* Special items found: Glass, Pink Tail/Adamant Armor, Artemis Bow, Rune Axe, Protect Ring, Dragon Whip

== Observations ==
* Square's first brush with perfection
* Replication code
* Drain is awesome spear! Will drain large amount of life when at high levels and seldom miss (don't use this against undead.... 1-shot)