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Final Fantasy III (DS)

!! Final Fantasy III (DS)
* '''Platform:''' DS
* '''GameFAQs Link:'''

!!! Accomplishments
* Currently at the last boss, I'll beat it soonish, but I set it down for a while

!!! Observations
* There's no save point between the very external outside dungeon and the final boss encounter, after unknowingly stumbling onto the last boss, dying and losing 3-4 hours of dungeon clearing I didn't pick it back up, I'm saved right outside
* It's interested to see the development of the original classes that have come to be known in FF/Square games. Although this edition (the DS re-release) renamed what were some of the original names naming for example the 'Palidin' which was probably called the 'White Knight' in the original release; This availability of some 20+ classes for each of your characters to master at your choosing provides quite a dynamic.
* It's clear they were still struggling with balance at this stage as some of the classes are quite simply underpowered (however, it is intended also that some classes supersede others)