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Ninja Gaiden (XBOX)

!!Ninja Gaiden (XBOX)
* '''Platform''': XBox
* '''GameFAQs Link''':

!!! Accomplishments:
* '''Beat the game'''
* Must post my game stats here next time I load it up

!!! Observations
* This (like [[Ninja Gaiden (NES)]]) is one of the most difficult games I've ever played and beat
* I've never sworn more loudly or viciously at any video game or other challenge I don't think, hence very rewarding to beat
* Each enemy has a specific counter/weakness which you almost have to exploit very intentionally to even hit it, especially in the late levels
* Like the original NES game, not much about it is 'cheap' in terms of beating enemies, all very intentional strategies without one over-powered move that hits and beats all or most enemies (especially bosses)
* Beating the game on normal unlocks a 'white ninja' I believe which you can restart the game with, it may also unlock a harder setting although normal is already very hard, and hard is stupidly hard, making whatever you would unlock torture I would assume