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Ninja Gaiden (NES)

!! Ninja Gaiden (NES)
* '''Platform:''' NES
* '''GameFAQs Link:'''

!!! Accomplishments
* '''High Score:''' 274,500, to the last boss, stage 3, 1 HP in 1 game
* '''Final Boss:''' To 1 HP in a single fight
* '''Beat the Game''' (by going back through stage 6 and fighting boss again)

!!! Observations
* This is one of the toughest games I've ever played to 'master', and one of the toughest outright games I know of, but this game is far from random
* This game is beautifully designed in terms of level design and enemy layout, with memorization you can flow through the entire game with the '->' button always pressed. A few delays here and there to allow a specific enemy to come into play, then avoid and keep moving.
* The items are VERY CAREFULLY distributed to allow you to pass every challenging stage, this culminates by giving you a 'jump spin' attack in stage 6-2-screen1 which they then tempt you with various worthless items
* They seem to very specifically place a standard throwing star about 2 screens ahead in 6-2 which you must AVOID in order to gracefully pass the (4th or 5th) screen in 6-2 where they throw every flying object against you while putting the 'sword-throwing mummy' character on an impossibly narrow platform. If you keep the 'jump spin' attack they place the right special power points on the screen to allow you to spin through the otherwise impossible platform previously mentioned. I submit, that this is how they intended for you to pass this stage as I have found no other non-buggable way
* On that same screen just discussed, which I'm fully confident is the most difficult screen in the game, you can bug the 'sword-throwing mummy' to disappear by walking forward just enough to allow max flying (and total) enemy characters on the screen, then moving forward to where it tries to spawn that 'sword-throwing mummy' and fails leaving the platform empty and the alternative I know about to pass that screen.
* While various items are useful on the final boss, none at all are necessary, I typically carry the orange throwing star into the fight which I don't use.
** Fire makes stage 1 easy, but it already is so don't waste
** Fire (I think) also helps in stage 2, not sure if anything else really helps
** Fire or throwing star should help in stage 3, but sword seems to kill the fastest
* Stage 4-2 includes a wall jump that you must jump to a lower far wall by adjusting your fall, this technique took me a very long time when I was young to master
* I would love to see an child under 10 smoothly beat this game, I believe it can be done, but I believe any child capable of it has a bright future ahead