FInal Fantasy VI (III US) (SNES)

== Final Fantasy III ==

This is my favorite video game of all time. I have spent 1,000s of hours searching this game and the world inside for all that there is to find. Which, like any Square(soft) Final Fantasy game, is pretty much impossible.

== Accomplishments ==
* Well, beat it, yes
* All characters found, all leveled to 99
* All espers collected, each player learned every spell
* All tools for Edgar
* All blitzes for Sabin
* All swd tech for Cyan
* All dances for Mog
* I've done all of Setzer's abilities, there is some pattern to control it
* All lores for Strago
* Collected all relics, almost all weapons/armor, it's sadly impossible to have one of everything at once w/out game genie
* Any item I could buy 2 of, I would, then in one game I replicated all of them using the equip/deequip replication hole
* Cleared every rage for Gau
* Unlocked Palidin Shield
* 237/255 rages collected on a single game (I still have the sheets of notebook paper I kept track of it on)
* Saved Cid of course
* Performed about 6 desperation attacks, there's a few I'm pretty sure I haven't seen =\
* All of the above was accomplished on a single save game on original cartridge (which has long since deleted itself =( )
* Used game genie to collect one of every item by controlling what each character starts with

== Observations ==
* You can overflow magic damage
* Rage list flaws & randomness flaws
** You can never fill the entire rage list, see [[|gamefaqs rage faq]] for info as to why you can't get about 3.
** Even if you clear all rages I have had trouble getting cleared rages to appear in the veldt. Apparently there is a pattern to the veldt battles which is written up in FAQ, but I still submit that I've spent 1,000s of hours there and haven't found about 20 in any game I've played.
** My theory on this is flaws in the randomness algorithm (see below) but I believe this possibly creates trends in the battle generation 'random' choosing that happens when it selects your battle
* Randomness algorithm notes: I noticed on an old game I had, probably version 1.0 if that matters, that if you reset your game from last load (I believe even if you die and restart) and you followed the exact same path on the map, like around the very outside most edge of the veldt for instance you would come across the exact same encounter. This would seem to indicate that the algorithm is based off of the 'steps' value and possibly your movements on the map, but not a random 'time' value and not based on any timer outside of the game itself. This is why I believe that in some sense patters could be possible
* If you use game genie carefully you can start every character with weapons/armor of your choosing (see info here [[|here]]) using this you can start the characters with just about the right extra items to get 1-2 of everything in the game
* Anything you have 2 of you can replicate, this info is posted below, using this you can get 99 of almost all items without exploiting game genie and cheats too badly, I think this is about the minimal way to accomplish something close to a perfect game.
** There are still items that can't be equipped properly to replicate and there is no way to buy 99 of them so you cannot get 99 of all