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Install Development x64 Flash Player Beta in Linux

There is a development version of x64 (64-bit) flash for 64-bit browsers and OS's. It works fairly well in my experience, it's been out since October-ish.

To install:

download this url:

yes, someone was nice enough to put together a pkg and release it in .deb, thanks! Unfortunately all I could find is other sites linking to it, not this guys site himself =(
-->dpkg -i flashplugin64-installer_10.3.162.29-0ubuntu0~sevenmachines2_amd64.deb
(from wherever you saved the download)

it does a download of what i think is the newest version, and places the lib where it needs to go. gj!

If you don't have debian/apt these should about be the steps:
Download from:


Or Direct:


Put extracted (or link) into:


That should do it. Restart chrome/mozilla if needed.