|:table width=100% :||:tr resume :||:td resume padding-left:5px text-align:left rowspan=4 align=left :|| //%s font-size:xx-large %Joseph M. Deming%%// |:td resume padding-right:5px text-align:right :|| %s font-size:x-small %800 N. Magnolia%% |
|:tr resume :||:td resume padding-right:5px text-align:right :|| %s font-size:x-small %Lansing, MI 48912%% |
|:tr resume :||:td resume padding-right:5px text-align:right :|| %s font-size:x-small %517-214-5012%% |
|:tr resume :||:td resume padding-right:5px text-align:right :|| %s font-size:x-small |

|:h margin-top:2px margin-bottom:2px :|=== Experience ===

|:tr resume :|| //2005-Present// |:td text-align:center :|| **%s font-size:large%MATRIX @ Michigan State University%%** |:td text-align:right :|| //East Lansing, MI// |
|:tr resume :||:td resume colspan=3 text-align:center :|| **System Administrator / Network Administrator / System Architect** |
* Lead and lone system administrator for the entire MATRIX research center
* Over 50 Servers(~25 physical and 25 virtual) and over 50 client workstations & laptops
* Oversee every major IT purchase
* Developed controlled server management system to automate build and configuration of servers, networking and monitoring equipment
* Lead development manager for opensource project [[|Kora]] for the 2.x lifecycle
* Student programming manager for 2012 while assisting with staff turnover
** Hiring, management and termination of all student programmers
** Software development, management, product lifecycle management and open-source development experience
* Also IT administrator for History Department at MSU, managing all of the faculty and staff IT needs and managing rotating students to fulfill their day-to-day needs
* Too many job responsibilities and skills learned/used to list...
|:table width=100% :||:tr resume :||//2005–Present// |:td text-align:center :|| **%s font-size:large%Independent Consultant%%** |:td text-align:right :|| //Lansing, MI//|
|:tr resume :||:td resume colspan=3 text-align:center :|| **IT and Software Development Consulting and Contracting** |
* Oversaw, advised and engineered responsibly secure and constantly evolving secure systems for State of Michigan agency responsible for county medical data collection and analysis
* HIPAA/HITECK compliance consulting and standards implementations with annual reviews passing all periodic audits
* Lots of in-home consulting, can fix any home computing issue trivially
* Developed custom embedded software interface for a client of a local CNC machining company to accompany a custom-built CNC machine for said client
* Both consulting and contracting services under this guise
|:table width=100% :||:tr resume :||//2003–2005// |:td text-align:center :|| **%s font-size:large%ERL, LLC%%** |:td text-align:right :|| //Lansing, MI//|
|:tr resume :||:td resume colspan=3 text-align:center :|| **Programmer / Network Administrator / Lead Web Developer** |
* Vastly expanded my programming skills and gained real-world programming and software development experience.
* As one of two full-time programmers was a key part of project management and time management procedures.
* Administrated a combined Windows/Unix domain learning the fundamentals of Unix administration and cross-platform administration.
* Maintained infallible data integrity through comprehensive backup procedures.
* Kept computers virus-free through proactive firewall configuration and reactive anti-virus and anti-spyware software.
* Maintained our existing website adding brochures and updating periodically to inform visitors of new products or news.
|:table width=100% :||:tr resume :||//2001–2003// |:td text-align:center :|| **%s font-size:large%Michigan State University%%** |:td text-align:right :|| //East Lansing, MI//|
|:tr resume :||:td resume colspan=3 text-align:center :|| **Network Administrator / Lead Web Developer** |
* Set up from scratch and operated two secure, stable Windows domains.
* Progressed from student assistant to network administrator for one, then two of the departments in the Natural Resources building.
* Oversaw every major IT purchase and secured intelligent purchasing knowledge.
* Introduced the departments to written department level policies and agreements.
* Worked one-on-one with professors assisting them in using technology resources.
* Developed a knack for communicating technological concepts in everyday terms.
* Developed a dynamic intranet site that aided me in network administration and inventory management as well as provided faculty and staff with internal technology resources (help, calendars, IT information).
* Was an active part of MSU Network Administrators Group attending every meeting, supporting and advocating its’ necessity across campus.
* Was actively overseeing the merger of five departments and planning a minimum downtime, smooth transition of five networks into a single domain.
* Recognized as one of eleven finalists campus-wide for Student Employee of the Year during my 3rd year of employment at MSU.
|:h margin-top:2px margin-bottom:2px :|=== Education ===
|:tr resume :||//1998–2003// |:td text-align:center :|| **%s font-size:large%Michigan State University%%** |:td text-align:right :|| //East Lansing, MI//|
|:tr resume :||:td resume colspan=3 text-align:center :|| **B.S., Computer Science** |
* Graduated over 3.0 GPA.
* Cognate: Information Technology.
* Elected Classes: Digital Telecommunication Networks, Telecommunication Network Management, Computer Networking, Computer Graphics.
* An active member of SpartaSoft, an extracurricular game development club.
* Attended Computer Science evening seminars staying informed on technologies.
|:h margin-top:2px margin-bottom:2px :|=== Interests ===
Golfing, Skiing, Rollerblading, Music, Programming, Gaming, Video Game Design
|:h margin-top:2px margin-bottom:2px :|=== References ===
Available Upon Request