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* System Administrator since 2005
* Designed system to manage our systems infrastructure, including:
** Approximately 40 servers at any given time
** Managed hardware and virtualized servers in same system
** System can even build the virtualization host server which then can have systems built on top of it
** Many different systems types are configured into the management systems
*** LDAP (Centralized User Accounts/Single-SignOn)
*** IM (Instant Messaging/Jabber)
*** WWW
*** Mail
*** Media Streaming (Flash, Real and Audio Streaming)
*** Backup
*** NFS/Samba/File Sharing
*** HA File System and Web Services
*** SQL
*** Trac
*** SVN
*** Monitoring (Nagios, Munin and Environment)
*** Rules Management (centralized configuration)
*** Automated Build (build from bare hardware PXE boot)
** Almost all open-source
* The variety of services we utilize gives me vast knowledge on many components that may be a part of any system
* Full Windows Domain inside our system (was 2003, migrated to 2008)
** Windows Domain Controllers are Virtualized in the managed system above
** Redundant and fully fallible Domain Setup
** Full Exchange Server running (was 2003, migrated to 2010)
** 40+ clients, mix of XP & Windows 7, Vista is fully retired!