* ListSRV: LATEX install
* [[/etc/default/syslog]] enable TCP SYSLOGD="-r"
* searching webboxes, follow links?
* dom0 grub hvm set dom0_mem=2048
* dfarm sysctl.conf
* IFTOP on firewall?
* mail.h-net testing
* svn changelog searching
* scripts to setup faihost (or use cfengine)
* depreciate monthly reboot
* monitor logs for disk failures
* DRAC setup
* update modules to use new logging
* upgrade machine semaphore config
* kill apache on sensitive machines during upgrade
* add host data to xen build table?
* add faihost as last DNS
* dovecot svg mgr
* quotas for memory & proc for programmers, other?
* config VPN for internal network block
* remove logrotate crontab files from cfeng svn
* programmer access to error log
* munin-node.conf cidr_allow borked
* newaliases not triggering on update
* pin nfs-kernel-server pkg
* per-machine mounts
* dfarm: [[/matrix/home]] link
* backup: remove volitale directories to clean up reports
* trac: add perm to allow viewing of wiki by public to the digi-lab trac env
* fix these 2 issues from update.... ie make goddamn sure cfengine removes the files if they exist
** /etc/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-premount/xennetup
** /etc/kernel/postinst.d/zz-update-grub
* add this package to yoshi/php4: libdb4.5

!!New Systems
* mailman/listserv system
* central log server/etc system

!!Log Monitoring
Log messages to search for someday when I have the time to write the log monitoring scripts

* disk failures
* mysql table errors

!! Useful commands
* find large, old files: find /h-net/matrix/data/staffdrive/ -mtime +730 -type f -size +20000k